Creative Direction for Building Brands That Matter



You know that dream growing on the inside of you?  The dream of taking your brand, your business to the next level?   Whether your dream is bold & audacious or tiny & timid, I can’t wait to help you make it come true.

I’m Michele-- a brand strategist/designer, a business coach/educator & a creative director for creative brands & businesses, & the amazing entrepreneurs who run them.  

I'm a Jacksonville Florida native who found her passion for championing the dreams of small business owners, organizational leaders and creatives while living a world away in an African war zone. Intrigued?  Find out more of what I'm about here.

War zone meets board room, purpose meets profit, story meets strategy, I still believe mascara is a survival essential and espresso is a food group.   Most of all, I believe your story matters because you matter.  I’m so glad you’re here and I look forward to getting to know you more.



Build Your Brand

Through artful, authentic branding that creatively communicates your story and sets you up for sustained, organic growth.  Visual identity design, brand styling & story-telling, photography, hand-lettering, illustration, strategy, digital design & more.

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Grow Your Business

Grow your business or organization by harnessing the power of story.  Signature, Story-Led Business Coaching & education resources developed with the needs  creatives, entrepreneurs & nonprofit organizations in mind.

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Share Your Journey

This entrepreneurship journey is exhilarating... & it can be lonely.  But you don't have to go it alone. I'm developing resources, events and an online community where you can connect, thrive and belong, because you and your story matter.

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Define Your Purpose

I believe for a venture to truly become successful, it must have a defined purpose beyond profit.  I love inspiring & educating creatives & conversation changers to define and design their greater purpose from the inside out.

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Story-Led Solutions for Building Brands That Matter™

Designed With You in Mind

Book a Free Coffee & Coaching Session

Questions about branding, how to build your business, or launch your dream? I offer FREE 1 hour coffee & coaching sessions. We gather, over skype & a hot cup of coffee (or tea).  Your needs and questions are always center stage, not a sales pitch. (Limit 1 / person)


Ladies, Connect With Our Creative Mastermind

The road to grow your dream doesn't have to be lonely. We have a growing online gathering of women creatives & entreprenuers, #FlourishCreatives. We'd LOVE to have you join us! I mean, who doesn't need more personal cheerleaders, right?


Join Our Story-Led Business Community

Join a community of over 1400 entrepreneurs learning to harness the power of story to grow their brands and businesses. And get cutting-edge creative content delivered to your inbox so good you'd expect to pay for it.  But you won't have to because it's free.

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What My Clients Are Saying


When I sought out a branding guru/website designer, I had no idea the depth of remarkable I would get with Michele Perry. Her empathy, compassion, and genuine & honest approach has helped merge my expertise and my heart to create something that serves my clients AND fills my soul. It’s like she can see inside my head and my heart and pull out the pieces that I can quite recognize yet, or have maybe never dared to pursue... I can’t believe this is the woman I get to work with. I am so grateful. -Joanne

Everyone that has been to my old site and has now seen my new branding & site organization is so excited and they never cease to tell me how much they love it. They love the design and how easy it is to navigate with the new organization online. Thank you for all the customer service you have given me when I have needed it. Your training has made it as easy as 1,2,3. I would and do recommend you in an instance as you are the BEST! - Stacy


I was blown away with Michele's creativity and understanding in her approach to business! She unlocked doors in my heart and mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach to coaching allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them! - Mel