You Are a Creative Hero

Yes, I am talking to YOU.  I believe locally-owned businesses and creative entrepreneurs are the foundation of a thriving economy.  In my mind, there is no such thing as "small" business.  Whether you are a staff of one or employ hundreds, getting up every day and going hard after your dream... that is the stuff heroes and legends are made of.  You shape the culture around you.  You change the conversation.  Your business story matters.  And it should be the primary asset driving your creative brand's growth.

My clients often describe themselves as: 

  • Creative Entrepreneurs {Artists, Bloggers, Writers, Coaches, Designers, Photographers, Wedding Planners, Florists, Makers…}
  • Culture Shapers {Organizational & Team Leaders}
  • Conversation Changers & Story-tellers {Public Figures, Media Personalities}
  • Non-profits, Ministries and International Development/Advocacy Projects

WOW!!! Michele is a breath of fresh air! We had the honor of having Michele come in for a series of “boardroom” style meetings with our members and I was blown away with her creativitiy and understanding in her approach to business! She unlocked doors in my heart and mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach to coaching allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them! She has a incredible gift to release practical “keys” of unlocking doors of hope and passion!
— Mel, Business Empowered

It's So Great To Meet You...

Photo: Lisa Silva Photography

Photo: Lisa Silva Photography

I am a Jacksonville-born-and-raised native-Floridian who often has sand in my hair, a bit paint on my hands and a cup of coffee at my side.  I dream ginormous dreams and I know the impossible can happen because I have seen it.  In the slums of Calcutta, in the villages of Central Asia, in war torn Africa.  Again and again and again.  I got to be there to see the world’s newest nation be born from the ashes of war and rescue hundreds of children see them find new hope and a future.

I bring 20 years of branding, communications and organizational development experience to the table.  I’ve worked with small businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs, international non-profits, ministries and creatives to create and implement brand identity, communication and organizational strategies onsite in 15+ nations.  I've had the privilege to impact current and emerging leaders through my writings in well over 100 nations.

My 7 years in South Sudan taught me many things. I learned that I simply love, love, love seeing people fly higher, soar further and dive deeper than I can.  I love to equip and empower the people around me to turn their impossibilities into stepping stones.  And I know that can happen because I have lived it.  Every. Single. Day.

Me with 600 of our students at Dream Primary School in Yei, South Sudan in 2012

Me with 600 of our students at Dream Primary School in Yei, South Sudan in 2012

The very same things I offer to you are exactly the understandings I honed starting an international faith-based development base with a children’s rescue home, primary school, community projects and outreaches that still impact thousands today.  From scratch.  In a war zone.  With no running water or electricity.  With people shooting at us and less than 2 miles of paved anything in the entire region-turned-country.  With everyone telling me I was insane for going in on my own.  With almost no funding and few hundred dollars in my pocket. Ok, maybe sanity is slightly overrated. ;-)

I know a bit about seeing impossibilities bow.  And I’d love nothing more than to share the journey with you as we cultivate your dream.  Together.   

Read more of my story here

I believe creativity, courage, community and compassion can change the world one life at a time. 

Michele Perry Design is founded on a social business model.  This means 10% of all our profits goes to support the ongoing regional work I founded and led in South Sudan with Iris Global, Inc.  Hundreds of lives are still being impacted every day as women and children once at risk for exploitation are being loved and cared for, and given hope for their future.

You aren't just purchasing beauty and inspiration, or great creative branding services and business coaching, you are investing in future leaders of villages, cities and nations.

I have dreams to do more. A lot more. I dream of #courageouscreativity becoming a channel that gives a platform for the voices of these beautiful world-changers to tell their own stories, raising positive awareness and encouraging grass-roots, sustainable support.  I don’t just want to create brands that matter™, I want to BE a brand that matters.