Faith is Taking the First Step

I've been thinking a lot about the truth of Martin Luther King's statement today.  Maybe it's because I'm just starting out on this venture full time.  Certainly it's because its Martin Luther King Day.

Starting any thing, creating any thing cannot be done without faith.  When we start a journey, we have faith in the destination, faith in the roads (maybe), faith in our navigation tools (perhaps) or we would never start.  When we start writing or painting, we have faith in the ink and the paint and the vision that compelled us to begin.  Faith is substance.  It is the substance of things not yet seen.

I would never letter a word, create a website, write a post, pick up watercolors, consult on branding or start a design project without faith.  One thing I learned in Africa is that if you wait for everything to fall into place and be perfect, you'll never actually do anything.  

Just start.  Yes, prepare.  Yes, learn about the staircase.  Yes, have your contingency plans.  Yes, vision board the view from the top.  Yes, create a Pinterest inspiration board about the possibilities along the way.  But don't become so wrapped up in these that you don't ever take the first step.  Just start.  Step by step.  Climb that staircase until dream becomes done.

You've got this!  I'm cheering you on!