Do It Scared

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Canada | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Canada | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When I was in high school and college, I was pretty daring.  If they said I couldn't climb a mountain, I'd climb the mountain even if it meant free bouldering with one leg and no crutches. So you know when I was on a family vacation to Vancouver and they said there was this crazy high, super-swaying, marathon-length suspension bridge that you got a certificate of bravery for crossing, I was determined to tackle it.

I'm still pretty daring.  Living almost 10 years on my own in some of the worlds harshest and most dangerous places, I have learned that courage is not the absence of fear, it is what you do in the face of it.  And sometimes stepping out, means doing things scared.

Eighteen rounds of cerebral malaria in central Africa over 6.5 years wreaked havoc on my nervous system and adrenal glands.  When my health crashed 3 years ago, I went through severe and prolonged panic attacks.  Over seemingly nothing... or everything.  I still deal with them even years later.  I don't know when or if they'll eventually stop.  But one thing I refuse to do is let them shut me down or lock me away from life.

Not. Happening.

Just to prove the point to myself, this morning I signed up for a networking event.  I do not like "networky" things or mingling in rooms full of people I don't know.  I'm a total introvert who loves solitude.  Three people to me is a crowd.  But I do love meeting people and that is mighty hard to do tucked away in my studio.  If it is a moment of epic not-for-me, I never have to go to this event again. 

Even without the added adrenal drama, starting to run full speed after your creative dreams can be as scary as traversing a super-swaying suspension bridge hundreds of feet in the air.  Or plunging into a room of people you don't know.  Or what ever it is that starts to get your heart-beating a little faster and makes you wonder if you are really cut out for the path you are on.

It is OK to be scared.  But there are some things in business, and in life we simply need to do scared.  There are moments we need to know when to push ourselves and when to use wisdom and respect our health limits. {I'm great at pushing myself.  I'm learning a lot about respecting my limits.}

What would happen if we all did one business or creative thing that scared us a little every day?

My guess is that we would make our creative worlds a far bigger and more courageous place. And we ourselves would grow leaps and bounds in the process.  

I'm in for that, are you?  

  • What is one thing in your business or creative endeavors that is scary to you?  {Talking to a perspective client about your prices for instance.} 
  • How can you plan some things that makes it a little less scary?  
  • What happens when you do it scared anyway?  

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