To Flourish & Thrive

Hi friends, a lot has been happening behind the scenes in these parts!  My writing here got swallowed up in all the busy, but I am looking to get on a schedule and be here a lot more regularly going forward.

The word flourish has become a direction-defining one for me.  It means to be in a vigorous state; to thrive extravagantly; to be successful; to prosper; to embellish writing with whimsical lines, to sound a trumpet call, to brandish.  And this leads me to our big announcement.


The first quarter of being a creative business owner has brought with it incredible adventures and its fair share of challenges.  But one of the most exciting things being developed behind the scenes has been a long-time the dream of a creative community designed for women creatives, makers and entrepreneurs.

The Difference

There are amazing large creative movements that are paving the way and changing the landscape like Rising Tide Society.  There are smaller more niche communities for women artisans like the CYL Collective.  I love both and am a member of both.  Seriously, go check them out.  They are both pioneers in their fields and are incredible resources led by amazing people.

Because I am not out to reinvent any wheels, I have been hesitant to launch Flourish until I had a clear understanding of how we bring unique value to those we serve.

After months of research, gallons of coffee and a whole lot of soul-searching, I realize what is growing here fills in an between space both in demographic and in content.

We are smaller and more focused than RTS. We focus on women creatives and entrepreneurs specifically.  We are more general than CYL, in that artisans and makers are one (very important) part of our demographic, but our focus extends more generally to women working in creative businesses, brands and start-ups.

The Vision


Flourish as a community is built around three core values: celebration, cultivation, and collaboration.  In a world of comparison, we choose generous celebration of the unique gifts, voice and vision each one of us carries. In a world of complicated, we choose intentional cultivation of inner purpose, of authentic community, of brands that matter. In a world of competition, we choose collaboration.  We lift each other up knowing that together we are all more creative and successful. That #togetherweflourish.

Our content weaves four primary threads together... wholehearted creativity, authentic community, story-led business and social entrepreneurship. 

I have a passion to encourage women especially in these areas and create a space where we can all encourage and serve one another. 


The Invitation

We are just getting started here.  If any of this resonates or even hints at an area you are interested in, I hope you will join us because our growing family won't be the same if you are not a part of it.  Right now there are two ways to get involved. {And they are both 100% free.}

I can't wait to meet you and get started on this adventure together!