The Importance of Defining Your Dreams


Happy Monday Creatives... I know I am not the only one who has more projects spinning than one person can realistically manage.

The hazards of being a creative with endless ideas and web design skills include having 10 websites at once that left everyone confused about what I was doing... including me.  I've been refining and focusing gradually, but was a bit hesitant to let plates and projects crash mid-spin.

And then I happened on this Facebook challenge by Heartcore Business and Shanda Sumpter on how to create an authentic offer. Guys... behind the scene confession.  I usually sign up for things like this, last 5 minutes because I feel sold to or just don't see the value being offered and wind up unsubscribing in less than a day. Not only did I complete the entire challenge myself,  I'm now sending many of my brand coaching clients to do this as part of their preparation homework. 

This challenge gave me permission to focus.  Drill down in order to step out.  Be specific and bold and actually own my story and dream again at whole new levels.  Things I normally help clients with but quite honestly was struggling with myself.

Dreams have to be defined if they ever are going to be developed

And I get it.  Defining them can feel daunting, especially when you have loads of "good" ideas.  (Good ideas are what pretty notebooks are for.  Record them and then refocus back on the main great idea for where you are at right now.)  But before we can truly own our yes, we have to own our no first.

I'm in the middle of creating content geared for women entrepreneurs in creative brands or businesses.  I'm saying no to general content for everyone, pulling the irrelevant and broad to share what is focused and specific.

Beloved, I am passionate about you fulfilling your purpose, about you finding your voice, about you stewarding your story. I stand for championing you as a woman creative, as a woman entrepreneur; for helping you build a purposeful, authentic brand and business that flourishes through unlocking the power of your one-of-a-kind story.

There simply is no competition for who you are.  Period. 

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