Brand Photography & Visual Storytelling

 South Sudan, 2011

South Sudan, 2011

Brand photography is the nexus of visual storytelling, portraiture, photojournalism, product & event photography coordinated together to support your specific brand goals.

My very first science project in junior high was to study how color affects our mental perception and different types of memory.  I've been fascinated with how our brains work pretty much ever since.

Because we are literally hardwired visually and we live in an increasingly visually driven culture, brand photography and visual storytelling have never been more important

Did you know there is a part of the brain called the fusiform gyrus completely dedicated to visual recognition, including facial recognition?  Is it any wonder then why recognizable faces (think spokespeople) often play such a big role in marketing efforts?  Even more amazing is there are some studies that have indicated there are specific neural cells that only respond to a certain face. They are called Jennifer Aniston cells. You get one guess as to whose face was being recognized when this was discovered? ๐Ÿ˜‚  Science has been showing the why behind the need for great visual content.

I offer a limited number of brand photography client spaces each year, focusing on creating images thatsteward your brand story well.  Content can include portraiture, staff photos, documentary photography, product photography, scenic, art & macro photography, story-telling & thematic shots, candids, and photojournalistic/documentary event photography. 

Right now I am creating some signature seminar content to help you learn how to create your own story-telling images using simple tools that are widely accessible. This training comes alongside you and helps you create signature visuals that artfully and authentically tell your brand story.  I even include how to develop a custom editing style and create original Lightroom edit presets. When we are done, you get a treasure trove of insider understanding with tools to help you create even more.

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