Brand Consultation Services

we talk about what you need & then I mix and match a brand-building PACKAGE just right for you

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Brand Evaluation & Research

One of the most overlooked elements of building a great brand is the evaluation and research phase.  I work with you to research your market's branding landscape, with an emphasis on knowing your terrain, evaluating the best storytelling strategy to engage your target audience, and creating a creative brand that sure to serve and delight your customers.

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Brand Discovery Instruments & Exercises

Great branding is about authentically communicating your creative identity in such a way that it invites customers to become the most important part of your brand's story.  That starts with you knowing who you are, who your customers are and then identifying your brand's story line so that it can be translated in meaningful ways.  I create branding discovery exercises customized for your needs to jump start your discovery process.

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Brand Voicing, Messaging & Guidelines

Branding is so much more than your logo and color scheme.  It is everything you write, say and do as the genuine overflow of who you are. It is important to think through how you communicate your message and identify a clear-cut communication strategy that helps you be consistent across all online and offline platforms. I can help you create the consistent communication key to offering a seamless, signature customer experience.

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Tagline Development & Light Copywriting/Editing

Translating your brand clearly through the written word is both an art and a science.  I work with you to develop targeted copy that works best for your demographic.  Light copywriting & editing includes: website about & product pages, social media profiles, press releases, advertising copy, and biography pages.

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Brand Implementation Protocol & Training

Once your brand plan is established, I can come alongside you to help develop great brand guidelines, your team can clearly follow. These guidelines can become a way to evaluate progress and areas needing growth as your brand matures. I can also help you conduct onsite team training so that everyone is prepared to deliver an amazing, authentic and accurate customer experience.

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Visual Identity Design

Together we will define and design your brand's visual identity strategy and elements. As graphic designer, I work with clients on color scheme selection, brand board development, primary and secondary logo creation, coordinating & creating custom design elements for website and social media use, liaising with your web designer to create necessary branded visual elements like banners and sidebar graphics, curating stock photography, hand-illustrating brand commissions, and helping you grow in the art of visual storytelling.

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Branded Photography

I'm also a photographer who loves to tell your story in ways that are 100% authentic and unique to who you are.  There are no shortcuts around the need for professionally shot and edited photography that creates a signature look and feel identifiable to you as a creative brand.  I use a blend of portrait, product and photo-journalistic photography approaches to artfully tell your story and showcase your identity.  {Available in North/Central Florida. I'm also available seasonally to travel as agreed upon on a per-client basis.} 

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Building Brands With Social Equity

I love helping new and existing brands structure themselves in such a way to create a brand that matters™, a brand that exists for a purpose greater than its own profitability alone.  Together we can explore various social enterprise models and I can share with you what I know to work firsthand from more than a decade long involvement on the ground leading development work in Africa and Asia.