I believe creativity, courage, community and compassion can change the world one life at a time. 

Michele Perry Design is founded on a social business model.  This means 10% of all our profits goes to support the ongoing regional work I founded and led in South Sudan with Iris Global, Inc.  Hundreds of lives are still being impacted every day as women and children once at risk for exploitation are being loved and cared for, and given hope for their future.

You aren't just purchasing beauty and inspiration, or great creative branding services and business coaching, you are investing in future leaders of villages, cities and nations.

I have dreams to do more. A lot more. I dream of #courageouscreativity becoming a channel that gives a platform for the voices of these beautiful world-changers to tell their own stories, raising positive awareness and encouraging grass-roots, sustainable support.  I don’t just want to create brands that matter™, I want to BE a brand that matters.