You Have a Dream on the Inside of You and I Can't Wait to Help You See It Come True.

One of my life dreams took me a world away to the outback of South Sudan to rescue and care for children who were being exploited and abused.  It was there I began learning about the POWER of story and creativity to change everything.

I did what all nonprofit organizations do.  I wrote reports.  My reports had reports. Our internet was so poor, I could barely send plain text emails most days. So I shared our updates online and in 4 years maybe we had 10,000 views combined.  That's crickets chirping.  A few loyal friends checking in.  And our scarce resources reflected those numbers. 

But then I stopped focusing on reporting facts and stats and started focusing on stewarding the story. In essence, I found my creative voice and purpose.  In less than a year, almost 100,000 readers had read our posts and many of them started supporting the work in generous ways

Authentic, brave, intentional story-telling that is correctly aligned with your creative purpose can become your primary driver of growth.

Do you feel like you have 50 projects spinning but none of them seem to be able to gain traction or translate into the level of connection you need to grow your dream?

Gosh, have I been there!  I once had 10 websites at once with different projects and everyone was confused about what exactly I was about.  Including me.  Gaining the clarity I needed came when I shifted to focus on a story-led, purpose-based creative strategy.

I was blown away with Michele’s creativity and understanding in her approach to business! She unlocked doors in my heart and mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach to coaching allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them!
— Mel P.

We'll cover things like:

  • Defining your creative purpose and story strategy as related to your business, brand or organization
  • Exploring your story's landscape (i.e. your history, understanding the marketplace geography and what sets you apart, and who exactly you need to reach)
  • Identifying your central story themes/messages
  • Connecting purposefully with your target audience
  • Stewarding your brand and business story so that it becomes a platform of ongoing relationship building and growth
  • Using the power of congruent creative purpose and story strategy to help you lead organizationally and creates momentum
  • Intentionally building generosity and social entrepreneurship into the core part of your creative story and brand platform, and how to do it in ways that work for your business as well as the causes and/or organizations you wish to support. {My 20+ years leading in the non-profit sector have taught me a lot about forging partnerships that work, as well as what doesn't}.

Story-Led Business Mastery™ Coaching

Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver Your Creative Purpose One Story at a Time
I am passionate about championing women creatives and entrepreneurs; helping them build purposeful, authentic brands and businesses that flourish through unlocking the power of story.
— Michele Perry

I work individually with a carefully selected group of women creatives and entrepreneurs for a minimum of 9 months to help them master the power of congruent creative purpose and using story to grow their brands and businesses.

In order to provide a quality experience for my clients, I am keep my Story-Led Business Mastery™ (SLBM) Coaching clients limited to only 5 active clients at a time.  As a SLBM client you can expect:

committed access

  • 2 one-hour long one-on-one coaching calls each month (every other week)
  • Unlimited email access and interchanges in between calls during business hours.
  • Emailed notes/suggestions from every coaching call.
  • Homework and action challenges
  • Discounts on any applicable resources or programs launched while a SLBM client

Customized activation

  • Story-Led Business activation exercises customized specifically for you and your company.
  • Individual story-led growth assignments & tools connected to the topics covered on your coaching calls
  • Deep discounts on any branding or design services purchased while you are a SLBM client

critical acceleration

  • Coaching tailored to accelerate the growth of your creative purpose, as well as the story-led growth of your business and brand
  • Accountability & celebration for progress made toward targeted goals and milestones
  • Encouragement championing your goals and dreams and strategy to help you achieve them


$1299 down, $1000/month for a 9 month minimum. Coaching may be renewed in 3-month quarterly blocks (as long as coaching is continuous).

Currently Accepting Applications for 2018

SLBM Coaching is for women creatives or entrepreneurs who ready to go all-in and make their business dreams come true. Please e-mail me directly if you have any questions or would like to like to set up a free hour-long strategy session.  I can't wait to get to know you!

If accepted into the program, you agree to pay $1299 down and $1000/month for a minimum of 9 months of coaching. Coaching can then be extended in 3 month blocks.