How To Have A Business Storm Plan

Photo: Source

Photo: Source

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Friday found my city smack dab in the middle of the worst storm to hit us in over a century.  Our coasts were forever changed by hurricane Matthew.  Storms change the landscape.  The same is true for business and creative endeavors.

The question isn't if storms will come, it is when and how severely they will come, as well as how we will respond when they do.  We need to be prepared mentally, emotionally, financially, strategically to stand together with our communities and shine through the storms we face.

Might I encourage you now to consider what your brand needs to do to be prepared... not out of fear, but out of wisdom.  I am speaking about hurricanes of the economy, of business matters, of creative blocks.  I know for my family, I invested what for us is a lot in preparedness ahead of hurricane Matthew.  And it was peace of mind.  We thankfully only needed part of what I put together, but I am so glad I now have the tools needed to shelter in place should other situations arise.

What kind of storms threaten your business?  A lack of customer engagement?  A dip in sales?  Seasonal shifts?  Floods of orders? Gales of competition?  Difficulties in communication, procurement, inspiration?  How can you get ready now ahead of the storm?

How about a simple downloadable worksheet to help you think through various challenges before they yield potentially catastrophic consequences. Identify the storm.  Process through the options for responding.  I use a simple acrostic to help you create your STORM plan.

  • Strategy:  This is your overall big picture response.
  • Tactics: These are your action steps and goals.
  • Opportunities: Every challenge, storm & problem comes with built-in opportunities. Step back for a moment so you can recognize them.  Then write down how you will make the most of them.
  • Resources: What resources do you need to gather, identify and/or create ahead of time?
  • Metrics: How will you measure the results and use that feedback to in-turn tweak your strategies?


Remember, storms may permanently change our landscape, but our responses to them can define where and how we are positioned as the new landscape around us emerges.