Why I Deleted My Instagram Feed {+ A FREE 5 Day Grow Your Gram Master Class Coming Oct 31!}

I know.  Who does that? Just delete every single photo in her Instagram feed?

This gal did.  On purpose. Voluntarily. Yep.

Sometimes in order to find your core message you have to wipe away even good content in order to offer great content.

Clutter isn’t just physical (though I have way too much of that); it is mental, emotional, spiritual and in this day-in-age, very often digital. {Any other creatives out there with way too many graphic elements and files stored for a rainy day?  Ahem.}

Case in point:  Please meet my newly sculpted Instagram feed. (@micheleperrydesign)

Before it was cluttered instead of cohesive, and quite honestly, it was driving me nuts. It so easy to be trapped by our online accounts.  My social media does not own me.  I own it.  Period.  Take that cluttered feeds!

A few months ago, one day, I had enough.  There’s no way to do it, but to just do it. I downloaded all my Instagram history {I didn’t want to loose my pictures!} and then set an app to delete every last photo on my feed.  {Not my account, I didn’t want to loose my followers, just my irrelevant content.}

Curious about how I deleted content and what apps I use? I’m offering a 100% FREE master class called Grow Your Gram. It is truly free— you don’t even have to give me your email to participate. The party stars here October 31, 2016!

I nixed the selfies, pared down on random acts of oversharing and laser focused my content to meet the inspirational needs of my client base.

Do you know what happened?

I gained 120+ new followers in a matter of weeks.  That might not sound like a lot.  But when you have 570+ and then jump to 700+ in response to a strategic leap of faith... those are significant numbers.

The last few months have taught me a lot about the ins and outs practically of engaging with and leveraging the power of this social platform. 

Oct 31, 2016 I begin a 5 day series of articles about strategic keys to Grow Your Gram, where I am SO excited to really kick off the Story Matters blog and begin to get to know you courageous creatives! 

Don’t be afraid to delete, unfollow, unsubscribe and take charge curating your digital world on-screen so you have time for what really matters off-screen.

EXPERT TIP: A quick way to freshen up your Instagram account is to make sure your profile photo and content is current and you have the right link for your website.  Many power users change the link on a daily (if not hourly) basis to highlight whatever content they are featuring. In the post description (since Instagram still does not let you hyperlink content in posts themselves), a simple "see link in profile" is inserted. If you share you Instagram feed in Facebook, you may want to write out the link in your post as well because Facebook will hyperlink it once it posts on Facebook.

Does your Instagram need an upgrade? Does your feed need some TLC? Follow this blog (see the Sign Me Up! link in side bar) and check back here each day this next week for the master class as it roles out. 

You certainly don't have to delete every image like I did, just the ones that no longer work for where you are or where you are going... can't wait to hang out with you all next week!