What You Don't See

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Friends, I just wanted drop in with a little encouragement. 

You see a photo like the one above and think-- WOW, she JUST moved in and she is already rocking her work space.  She must really have it together.

Most people only show you the together parts of their journeys.  But I'm not most people ;-)

Here is what is inches behind me when I took that first picture {and still as I write this post}.  It looks like an art supply store exploded in my studio.

Here is what is inches behind me when I took that first picture {and still as I write this post}.  It looks like an art supply store exploded in my studio. 

Things are never and I mean never perfect.  There are always glitches and less than glamorous struggles.  In life.  In business.  In creativity.  Don't judge your beginning by someone else's middle or end.  Don't judge your mess based on someone else's "togetherness".

Chance are she has a few mountains of stuff that don't make it into the photo.

BE encouraged.  If I do one things here, I want to see you be infused with courage.  Mt. Everest wasn't scaled in a sprint.  It was scaled by courageous, decided, forward motions of step-after-step inch-by-hard-won-inch.  It is about the long road.

Sure, I know it looks like that perfectly-coiffed (three cheers for coiffing!) model-gorgeous eloquent expert just effortlessly launched her new multi-bah-gillionaire class and social media empire. 

Effortless takes hours of unseen effort.  Faithfulness in the hidden small things. 

Could it look like I just burst on the branding scene? Tah-dah! Here am I!  Sure it could.  I assure you I didn't.  It's more like I stumbled on to it.

It was countless personal websites over the last decade that went absolutely nowhere as I tinkered and learned and solved problems and invested a certifiable fortune in books and more books and days and weeks reading anything I could get my hands on online.  I studied websites.  I subscribed to excessive email lists.  I lived 16-18 hrs a day behind my screen.  I gave practice services away for free... cartloads of them. 

It took 10+ years to be where I am now.  Confident, yes.  More certain than ever, yes.  Experienced, you bet.  But never, ever 100% arriving.  The absolute truth is there will always be an unsightly pile somewhere, there will always be more to learn and you never actually arrive.  You only keep arriving.

There will always be more to do, more to learn. You never arrive. You only keep arriving.
— Michele Perry

The insta-success phenomenon online can be defeating.  Don't let it be.  Your dream is too valuable.  You are too valuable.  YOUR STORY MATTERS.  And I'm committed to cheering you on.

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