I Only Succeed When You Do

Hi you! I’m committed to your success and helping you to create & curate an artfully authentic brand that matters™.  Michele Perry Design Co. grew out of my love for coming alongside leaders, small businesses, organizations and creatives to help them discover more of their own story, live a life aligned with their values and have the tools needed to communicate that story to the world around them.  

I believe branding is about core identity and it is foundational to everything we do professionally, and personally. Branding is about the soul of your business. It is the one thing that can never be outsourced because you can’t outsource who you are.  But it can be intentionally cultivated and that’s where I come in.

I believe the bravest journey you can embrace personally, as well as organizationally, is to become fully who you are created to be.  You, brave soul, can do what you love.  In fact, I believe authenticity demands it and the world cries out for what only you and your dream can bring.

You have a bold audacious dream… or even a tiny, timid one. Either way I can’t wait to help you make it come true. --Michele