Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities


Hi there!  I'm Michele and yes, that's me showing off my super-secret ninja side kick. 

A little about me…

Author & Illustrator. Branding Strategist. Creative Catalyst. Professional Overcomer. Grace clinger. Pixel tamer. Sunset gazer. Dream Wrangler. Paradigm Iconoclast. Storyteller & Speaker.  Living proof that challenges don’t have to stop you.

I’m also the world’s most unlikely candidate for almost everything in my life. I’m the girl who the world told to be realistic and settle down with my limitations.  Born without my left hip and leg and with a myriad of other congenital abnormalities, I had quite a few limits to consider.  But, I’m just not the kind to settle.

I walked right into a war zone in Africa in 2006 and saw hundreds of children’s lives transformed. Me. The girl who thinks mascara belongs in a survival kit and whose idea of camping is a spa day spent 7 years {2006-2013} without running water or electricity in an African war zone rescuing children who were being trafficked or exploited.

I founded an international faith-based development base with a children’s rescue home, primary school and many other community projects for large development organization. It is still impacting thousands of lives and changing the shape of its region. I got to walk out the dream of a lifetime with my Sudanese family and see a new nation be born from the ashes of war.  My time spent working in a war zone taught me critical lessons about success I now apply in the board room.

As an illustrator and designer, I specialize in watercolor, ink and water-based mixed media.  I use illustration and the visual arts for creative advocacy and awareness raising efforts for projects and organizations I’m passionate about.

As a branding strategist & business development expert, I bring 20 years of experience in the USA and internationally working with creative entrepreneurs and non-profits.

You have a bold audacious dream… or even a tiny, timid one. Either way I can’t wait to help you make it come true.

You can read more of my personal faith journey on my blog at dmicheleperry.com