I keep things simple. These values inform and define everything that happens in relationship with my clients, as well as the services and products I provide and vendors with whom I choose to partner.

  • Authenticity: I value relationships and great communication.  I don’t do gimmicks and corporate mantras. I embrace truth spoken from the place of deep compassion, having hard conversations that leave all of us better for having them. I know I can’t effectively bring a message until I have paid the price to embody that message first.
  • Creativity: I aim to approach every aspect of what I do with a commitment to the creative process: collaborating with you, valuing your insight and thoughts each step along the way. I will not settle for the expedient, but rather stand for the excellent.
  • Integrity: My yes is yes and my no is no. I’m committed to treating others with grace and honor, to follow through on my word and to own mistakes with humility.  I say what I mean and I will never make you light promises.  I will put your needs above my own comfort and convenience. Even to the point of referring you elsewhere if I feel that your needs would be better suited to a different set of skills and services.
  • Bravery: The bravest journey we can ever take is to become exactly who we are created to be.  To choose the road less taken every single day.  To risk boldly.  To dare greatly.  To ignite a purpose greater than ourselves.

I’m believing big things for you.  I pray for every client, contact and member of this growing community.  You didn’t land here by accident. You are here on purpose. I look forward to getting to know you and seeing how I can best serve your business development needs.