Original Courses & Tools to Help You Harness the Power of Story-Led Growth

Are you ready for targeted training materials brimming with actionable inspiration?  Did I hear a yes? How about some practical tools that will help you unlock the power of story in your creative business to:

  1. Drive growth
  2. Unleash purpose
  3. Build community

This dream sparked for me a world away in a war-ravaged part of Africa.  I founded and led a children's rescue village, school and community outreach projects.  For 7 years I got to be mama to over 120 children and serve alongside some of the most courageous people I have ever met.

It was there I began to learn the power of story to connect and create community.  I learned that it is not about simply reporting dry facts. It is about stewarding the story of what is happening in such a way it becomes an tool to build relationships. Once I shifted the way I communicated, we went from a few hundred readers to tens of thousands in under a year.