Inspirational Speaking & Cutting-Edge Training

Speaking at a national women's event

Speaking at a national women's event

I've had the honor to share with tens of thousands all around the world at business, nonprofit, educational and faith-based venues over the last 25 years including:

  • Baylor University Staff & Students, Wesleyan University, Texas Tech Leadership Week, Yale Student Groups, FL State Student Groups, University of the Nations, Combined Student Ivy League Leadership Events, Multiple leadership training schools in the USA, Europe, India & Africa
  • Toyota (India), Iris Global, FL/GA Blood Alliance, Salvation Army, Toastmasters, Various business leadership training & round-table events


I speak and teach frequently on topics relating to:

  • Branding, Digital Marketing, & Story-Led Business Growth
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Creative Startups
  • Creativity
  • Leadership, Communication & Team Development
  • Cross-cultural navigation
  • International Development
  • Targeted Inspirational Content

Share with me about your group's needs or event.  I simply love to share, encourage, inspire and train others.  I'm available for both in-person and virtual events, as well as podcasts, interviews, and television and/or radio shows.