Share Your Passion the Story-Led Way


Develop Pathways to Share Your Passion (a.k.a. Your Marketing Plan)

Marketing can be a scary word to many creative entrepreneurs.  I know it was to me.  Until I realized marketing is simply finding organic, socially savvy ways to share my brand passion with the right people.  I work with you to assess your current sharing strategies to see if they are reaching your tribe and develop targeted solutions to grow and serve your tribe more effectively.  {And actually make money.} 

Social Media & Digital Action Plans

I get it.  The social media jungle can be totally overwhelming.  But it is also one the greatest opportunities to grow your business and brand. I work with you to look at your current social media effectiveness and channel presence, and then we partner together to develop the best strategies for your goals.

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Friendly SEO Training To Help You Understand & Apply the Analytics

Maybe you've heard of terms like "long-tail keyword optimization" and equally terrifying techie language.  You don't have to be one of the 56% of small business owners that don't even measure their marketing results. Social media ROI and digital marketing can be measured, understood and applied. I can show you how in plain English.

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DIY Tools That Will Turn You Into a Marketing Master

I'm working to develop a library of free and affordable DIY resource kits for creative businesses and brands.  Things like spreadsheets, training materials, subscriptions, archives and a treasure trove of information that doesn't require you to speak a foreign techno language to understand it.


Do you have some burning marketing questions? Do you want to exponentially increase your online growth and effectiveness? I'd love to spend one hour with you where you can ask me anything business, branding or marketing related.  ANYthing.  For FREE!