Tell Me More About Your Wedding...

I am so very excited to be working with you as you get ready to celebrate your big day!  Happily ever after begins with an invitation and I want to make sure you have every detail perfect on yours.  Please fill out every relevant section and pay close attention to spelling and grammar.  Of course if I see anything that seems out of place, I will contact you and verify the details.  But as names, places and preferences vary, I will use what you provide to create your stationery. 

1. Send Me Your Details

Client's Name *
Client's Name
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Venue Address *
Venue Address
Please let me know any specific details you want included on your invitation, and the wording you prefer. You can be as formal/informal and creative as you like!
Please be as specific as you can. For example: lilac/blush/gold, Spring, in a meadow outdoors, boho chic
If you have a wedding planner or event organizer, please make sure to include their contact details here:
Please Fill In All Applicable Elements Based On Your Purchase
Depending on what you have purchased, please fill in all the information I need to create your dream wedding suite. Please leave elements you have not ordered blank.
Please list exact wording and any design details.
Please include a detailed description and links to online maps either provided by the venue or from your own notes.
Anything else you want me to know!

2. Inspiration Photos

The best way for me to make sure I capture your dream invitation in my design is for you to send me 3-5 photos you find on Pinterest or online wedding sites.  Ethically, I am not able to reproduce any one exact image.  (Of course, you know that and wouldn't be here wanting bespoke stationery if you wanted an exact replica!)  I need to see what you like and I factor that heavily into my design process as we work together.  

In the email you received linking to this page, there is another link to a designated folder where you can upload your inspiration images safely.  If you have a wedding planner who has put together an inspiration board for you, please make sure to include that as well.